Quality assurance in the most meticulous manner

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one of the most important parameters in official source ensuring the quality of the final product. QA ensures methodic production processes according to predetermined standards.

We are experienced in executing quality assurance in the most meticulous manner throughout the entire production process and upon its completion. Quality assurance is executed both by the persuasiveessay factory’s inspectors and by our employees in China, who are trained in conducting QA.


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to shipping, a final QA is carried out including functional review and appearance review comprised of:

Examination of the product’s quality, product’s packaging, quality of prints and quality of the cardboard designated for shipping.

QA Report

Upon completion of the process, we send the customer a detailed quality assurance report that includes images and data from the production line regarding the quality of production. The customer reviews the report and provides his or her approval for shipping of the merchandise to its destination.

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