Raw materials

Raw Materials

We manufacture the products from different official source raw materials applying different technologies. Use of various raw materials allows room for creative ideas. Naturally, it is possible to integrate several raw materials in each product. We have gathered general information from different sources regarding the raw materials from which we manufacture.

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Plastic products

A thermoplastic material with chemical durability and plastic stability at low how to create a resume that will temperatures (up to approx. 60 degrees). ABS allows good electrical insulation with good chemical durability/resistance and humidity durability/resistance. It can be processed by injection and vacuumforming and is recyclable. Suitable for a broad range of plastic persuasiveessay products, e.g., housewares, office items, ornaments and decorative products.

PP (Polypropylene)
A thermoplastic material that is light and has good mechanical and thermal properties – it can be strong and rigid or softer and more flexible. Polypropylene is resistant to relatively high temperatures, chemical substances, and humidity and is not resistant to solar radiation. It can be processed by injection and vacuumforming and is recyclable. It is suitable for products such as: housewares, including kitchenware that are microwave-safe, office items, containers, bags, toys, etc.

EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
EVA can be processed into foam panels, as a coating, by extrusion and injection. It generally serves as a soft substrate. It can be manufactured in different thickness levels and in various hardness values. It is excellent for: the product itself, short legs for a product, and soft packaging for products.

An acrylic material is a thermoplastic material. This family of products consists of materials such as: Perspex, PVC, and Polycarbonate. Acrylic materials are strong yet are relatively fragile. They possess good transparency. The acrylic materials can be processed by extrusion or injection as well as by heating following their cutting into panels. It is excellent for: signage, panels, and displays.

Rigid, stable, relatively fragile, and processed by injection molding. It can be used to produce smooth or textured objects. The finishes can be colorful and shiny. Moreover, the material can be transparent. It is excellent for: statues and ornaments.

PC (Polycarbonate)
PC is a name assigned to a cluster of thermoplastic materials, materials that are mechanically resistant and resistant to heat. Their levels of transparency and cleanliness can be very high. The material is less resistant to chemical agents. Stabilizers can be added against solar radiation, scratches, and stabilization materials that provide thermal resistance. It comes in the form of panels or can be injected into molds.

PS (Polystyrene)
Polystyrene is a thermoplastic polymer. It is divided into three categories, which possess different properties of the material: Amorphous – a transparent, smooth, shiny, rigid and fragile material. High impact –a material that is more durable/resistant than the amorphous material. Foamed polystyrene – a.k.a. Styrofoam. It is made in a process of extrusion. It can be used as a physical and thermal insulation material.

POM (Polyoxymethylene)
A thermoplastic material that is durable, stable, and very rigid. It possesses good electrical and chemical properties. Additives can be added to the material to improve its strength and resistance to sunrays. Furthermore, it is possible to provide it with attributes that improve its resistance to water absorption. The material can be processed by injection, extrusion, as well as by blowing and rotation.

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Metal products

As part of the metal group, tin is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Processing tin is executed by roiling iron, flattening, and pressuring. It is excellent for boxes.

Metal elements constitute approximately 75% of the periodic table. Metals possess properties of heat and electricity conduction. Most of the metals are rigid, and can be flattened and bended. A material that consists of various types of metals is called alloy. Processing the metals is performed either thermally (heating, casting, and welding) or physically (rolling, flattening, pressuring, pulling, polishing, and machining).

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion. It is made of iron and chrome. The oxygenized chrome creates a layer of protection against water and air, which also produces the material’s shine. When the surface sustains a hit, the chrome creates a new protective layer thereby enabling the material to maintain its durability. Stainless steel can be processed into sheets, threads, pipes, bars, and panels. Stainless steel is fully recyclable.

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Silicone and rubber products

Silicone is the name given to a group of inorganic compounds with silicon. The compound’s unique composition enables it to be formed into forms of relatively solid plastic, resilient plastic, gel and liquid. One of the resilient forms of silicone is called RTV. Silicone is resistant to high temperatures of about 300 degrees Celsius. The material meets standards of materials that withstand contact with food. Silicone is processed conventionally in casting or pressing, but it can also be brushed or sprayed. Silicone is used in varied applications. It is commonly found in various kitchenware and office items. Shore – a measurement unit for rigidness/resilience of a material. The common scale ranges from 15 (very soft) to 80 (very hard).

A combination of plastic and rubber provides the material with thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. A stable yet resilient material is formed. The material can withstand stretching and plastic deformation – it can return almost to its original shape. TPR can be processed by mold injection and extrusion. Certain types of TPE can be processed by blowing and welding.

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Paper & wood

Cardboard is used as gift packaging and binding cartons for shipping: “Inner” – a cardboard that binds several units of the product. “Master (outer)” – a cardboard that binds several Inners. All the details of the designer, the product and the measurements of the cardboard are

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printed on the cardboards for shipping. The cardboards are conventionally classified by the word “Flute”, which refers to the length of waves between the two outer cardboard layers. The length of the waves impacts the thickness and strength of the cardboard.

A flute 4.8,B flute 3.2,C flute 4.0, E flute 1.6, F flute 0.8

There are many types of wood, which are used by the industry. Each type has its own characteristic properties and unique look. After the wood has been planed and processed, several actions are applied to it to preserve it and provide longer durability. Wood can be painted in various paints.

The bamboo is an evergreen grain. Fibers and rods can be produced from bamboo, which can

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be processed in various carpentry methods. Bamboo can be painted in various paints.

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Bamboo has two common finishes, which maintain its stability:
- A relatively dark hue – Carbonized bamboo board
- A relatively light hue – Nature color board 700

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