About us

Our customers, which include leading Israeli designers such as OTOTO, Monkey Business & Peleg Design, benefit from peace of mind concerning their production arena.

"The firm is a strategic partner and constitutes an important factor in our supply chain. The company is reliable, responsible, and methodical, and I highly recommend it."

Oded Friedland Monkey Business

Why choose RazTech?

RazTech has been present in China since 1994. From every aspect, the company has vast experience and professionalism in manufacture: the variety of possibilities, techniques, technologies, raw materials and in-depth familiarity with the Chinese business culture.

"The homelike ambience, the professionalism, the availability, the service, and above all, the feeling that someone is taking care of your product are outstanding values that characterize our joint work."

Dani Gassner Ototo Design Ltd.