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Why RazTech?

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Below are some of the reasons our customers chose us:

Producing for leading designers
our customers are among the leading product designers in Israel, so we have the expertise to produce creative products that involve an advanced technology, a multitude of raw materials, and precise, quality execution.

Peace of mind
designers who are among our customers can focus on design and do not have to worry about production. They know that each stage of production is executed in the best way and that reliable professionals review and monitor the entire process.

Quality assurance
we conduct quality assurance throughout the entire production process, both in Israel

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and in China, to meet the high standards of quality.

Meeting timetables/Punctuality
we meticulously meet predetermined timetables, thereby enabling our customers to manage correctly their marketing and distribution system, to commit to delivery dates and to meet them.

Production optimization
throughout the process, we provide efficiency proposals that save time, costs and even improve production while maintaining high design standards.

Planning an efficient production line
the right production plan improves the efficiency

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of the production process, and saves costs and execution times. Uncompromising professionalism.

Fundamental values
reliability, integrity and personalized service/personal attention are the foundation stones of our company. Our customers can attest to it.

Standards compliance
we can issue the required product approvals regarding European and U.S. standards.

Chinese culture
we have a relationship with the factories in China that dates back many years, so we are proficient in conducting ourselves with the Chinese culture and in bridging the cultural gap.

Synergy between China and Israel
our customers benefit from a direct connection to our team in Israel and simultaneously from ongoing reports regarding the production process in China.


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