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Production Process

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Description of stages:

Receipt of product dossier and drawings from the customer:

Receipt of the customer’s full product dossier is required in order to handle the product.

Product dossier includes:

    • Product description, including product uses and emphases
    • Final drawings (2D and 3D)
    • Specification
    • Virtualization or images
    • Print graphics
    • Models (if such exist)
    • Packaging design particulars
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If necessary, a clarification meeting is held with the customer to verify that all the information is clear, and the expectations of both parties regarding the product are in complete harmony.

2. Determining manufacturing viability

The product dossier is transferred to the factory in China after we have processed it. In collaboration with the team at the factory in China, we review the product design to verify the product can be manufactured as planned and in accordance with the designer’s requirements.

Following the test – we update the customer regarding any recommendations and modifications to the product we believe are required to increase efficiency and decrease manufacturing costs.

3. Issuing a price quote to the customer

In preparation for the final product, the necessary modifications will be executed and a viability test of the suitable technology will be performed with the factories with which we work. At this stage, we will issue a price quote to the customer.

After approval of price quote, the process continues to the following stages:

4. Process of transition from development to manufacture at the factories in China

This stage is a very significant point in the process, which is executed following approval of price quote.

It consists of a reply to questions, updates, recommendations, discussions and joint thinking between the company, the factory, and the designer.

5. Sample preparation

In this stage, we prepare samples for the customer.

The samples are first tested by us and then are forwarded to the designer for his or her review and approval.

6. Receiving purchase order from the customer

Upon approval of the price quote, the customer provides us a purchase order including manufacturing quantities, distribution to colors, packaging design specifications, and shipment destinations.

7. Manufacture of molds

Following approval of samples, we manufacture molds for mass production as well as several samples for precision and quality testing of the molds.

8. Gift boxes & packaging production

The manufacture of packaging samples according to the graphic design and specification forwarded by the customer is carried out concurrently to the manufacture of molds to maximize process efficiency and shorten timetables. After the samples are ready, we forward them to the designer for his or her comments and approval.

9. Mass production

Following approval of final product and packaging samples, we begin mass production according to the designer’s order.

This stage includes:

  • Establishing a production and assembly line for the product in the factory, training employees for its manufacture and assembly based on clear, rigid rules.
  • Manufacture of product packaging – mass production of packaging for the product, including required prints.
  • Manufacture of cardboard boxes – at this stage, the cardboard boxes designed for shipment of goods are manufactured. The size of the cardboard boxes is determined in accordance with products’ size, quantity of products per each cardboard box and adjustment to shipment palettes.
  • Establishment of a complete assembly line – the assembly line includes the product and the particulars of packaging, among them: stickers, barcodes, pamphlets and any auxiliary item included in the packaging. At this point, the product is packed in its packaging box with all of its components.

10. Packaging and shipping

Following the customer’s approval for shipment of the merchandise, the packaging and shipping process is executed. This process is very important in order to deliver the products safely to their destinations. The process includes the following stages:

  • Packing the products inside cardboards
  • Arranging the cardboards on the palettes according to their destinations
  • Coating and tightening the cardboards to the palettes to ensure damage-free delivery
  • Marking each palette according to its destination and shipping to destination
  • Receipt of confirmation from destination regarding receipt of merchandise

The entire process is managed and executed professionally and meticulously by RazTech China. The customer receives reports and updates throughout the process until the successful completion of the manufacturing task.

Quality assurance is crucial and unrepeatable part of the manufacturing process.

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